News: Default Wallpaper in Ubuntu 13.10

Wallpaper. Love it or hate it, as the first thing that users see on the desktop, it's a tough choice.

Over recent releases, Ubuntu has gone with a continuous thread. You could call it visually appealing and easily identifiable, tied into Ubuntu’s overall design colours. You could also describe it as bland, non-descript and inoffensive.

So now that the new default wallpaper of Ubuntu 13.10 has been identified in a merge request, you can rest assured that same thread continues. The new wallpaper is: a slightly different coloured smudge.

Using the now-standard Unity desktop with a narrow notification bar and no menus or icons, you could easily look at the default desktop thinking you've got macular degeneration.

But don't worry about the default wallpaper, the 13.10 selection of 18 images is for the most part a stunning collection and I may well pinch some for my Debian set-up. RC