Saturday, 5 October 2013

Review: Linux Lifestyle Podcast

Podcast Season 1 Episode 1: All ends with beginnings

A very British podcast from ex-Linux Format / TuxRadar geeks

"In this episode: A famous Linux magazine has some staffing issues. GNU celebrates its 30th anniversary and Valve has announced a nifty controller for SteamOS. There’s also some things we found out in a week, a section where people ask us to do other things, and the not quite internet famous (yet) Voice of the Masses."

Sound familiar? It should do...

All three members of the editorial team on the world’s best selling Linux magazine, Linux Format, quit. So what we have is a clone-cast of TuxRadar from Mike Saunders, Ben Everard and Jonathan Roberts doing exactly what they used to do on, er, TuxRadar.

Sit back for the usual relaxed bit of British whimsy and Open Source musings of the self-confessed geeks from the West of England. Find them at RC

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  1. Good luck to those guys - they're trying to start their own mag: Linux Voice. Maybe you could give them a plug, Robin!


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