News: Linux Voice magazine coming soon

The boys are back! After leaving Dennis publishing, the majority of the former editorial team at Linux Format magazine - Andrew Gregory, Mike Saunders and Ben Everard are launching a new Linux magazine - Linux  Voice.

After a successful Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign, this new magazine will be aimed at better serving the Free Software community, notably in three key areas:
giving 50% of profits back to the community – that’s back to developers, events, LUGs and so forth; releasing content under a Creative Commons license after 9 months, for the whole community to share, so that schools and LUGs can benefit; maintaining the quality of the content and responding to readers.

The team have made several digs at the mainstream publishing industry (i.e. Dennis) for tiers of management making page cuts, reducing the quality of the magazine to fund other parts of the business and giving dividends to shareholders.

Much as I hate to say this, that is the model of the traditional publishing business. Felix DEnnis didn't get to be a millionaire on the back of his philanthropy and the company that bears his name is now a conventional corporate media sink.

You can buy a digital or print subscription over at Linux Voice website where you can also download the accompanying podcast. Whether the boys can make enough money to make this pay - much less generate profits - remains to be seen. RC