How-to Create a Facebook business page

There's more than one type of Facebook page. Aside form a personal profile, complete with timeline and messages, you probably already know you can create pages for organisations, businesses and groups. They used to be called fan pages, but since Facebook went commercial, pages have gone beyond that.

These other types of pages still have to be attached to a personal profile, but from there you can create any number of pages.

  • Sign in to as the admin for the page.
  • Choose create a page; the new-look idiot-proof panel step you through selecting the page type and giving it a name. 
  • Next, add description, website address, and whether or not the is s for a 'real' organisation. We'll have the philosophy debate another time.
  • Choose a profile picture, such as a logo. Nothing to big.
  • Next, choose a header background; this is a larger size image, 1500 by 500 pixels or so; you can do to town.
  • For convenience, add the page to your favourites.
  • You can ignore the lure for the sample advert. Your page is ready for use. RC