How-to: Insert iframes in Joomla

Having to resurrect an inherited Joomla site, some of Joomla's quirks are once again getting in the way.

For instance, it may be ugly, but embed codes are still necessary to add media content, such as a Vimeo player, to pages. However, if you try to add an iframe to an article, you can't simply use the HTML editor and paste in your iframe code because Joomla will, by default, strip it out as a security breach.

So the TinyMce editor's settings need to be updated to allow iframes. Bear with this, it's a long navigation trail just to get to the right dialog in Joomla:
  • Log into the Joomla administrative dashboard 
  • From the top menu, select Extensions, then Plug-in Manager
  • From the left menu, under Filter, choose Select Type, then click editors
  • In the results list, select Editor - TinyMCE.
  • At the top of the page, se;ect the Basic Options tab
  • Scroll down to the Prohibited Elements setting: Prohibited Elements  -  elements that will be cleaned from the text
  • The default text is; script,applet,iframe. 
  • Delete ,iframe from the end of the text, so that it just contains; script,applet
  • Joomla doesn't like this setting left empty; if there's nothing you want to prohibit, enter some dummy text, like ET or Fred
  • Select Save from the top left menu.

The HTML editor within the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor should now accept  iframe code without stripping it out when you save your articles.  RC