Review: Lenovo G580 - end of the road

It's official; the Lenovo G580 is about done. My great value Core i5 laptop which I got from Lenovo direct in mid-2012, is just about unusable as a result of entirely predictable design flaws and general wear and tear.

During the original unboxing, I noted the track pad built into the surface of the wrist-rest, concluded the resistive pad was glued to the underside and predicted a track pad failure before any other hardware breakdowns. So it has come to pass.

Today, the slightest contact on the wrist-rest - even from a sleeve - now sends the cursor randomly flying around the screen in bizarre and unpredictable ways. The cursor randomly moves around any document you type into; the text-select randomly highlights chunks of text; in the file manager, random bounding boxes start to appear, along with random drag-and-drop of icons, and application windows move as if by some ghostly hand.

Along with this, the left-trackpad button has developed a double-bounce, so in place of a single-click, it now double-clicks windows, icons and text for even more random drag-drop, minimize and move operations.

The C key on the keyboard doesn't always register, so ctrl-C copy operations frequently fail.

And the faults are intermittent. As the machine warms up, the faults become more frequent.

Depending on the resting position of the machine, you might get all faults, partial faults or no faults at all. It can be just as bad on my desk as on my lap. At times it is almost unusable.

Assuming I could disassemble the machine, take out the old track pad, find a new one and (presumably) glue it in place, this won't fix the keyboard issue.

On top of this, there's now a flickering band across the bottom of the screen, which suggests the display may be on its way out.

Even if I plug in an external mouse and keyboard combination, the G580 is my main workhorse computer that I use on the move; I can't really carry those extras around, and besides, I don't know how long the display wil last.

The G580 was a mid-range budget model and all the reviews at the time said the track pad was 'finicky' or worse.

It's not like it owes me anything. The performance with Windows 7 was never blistering and on Windows 10 is no more than adequate. The display (using Intel integrated graphics) is fine but not 'wow'.

Time to move on. RC

Lenovo G580, Core i5 3210M at 2.5GHz, 6GB memory, 750GB disk, 1366 x 768 display.