Anatomy of a web project - Part I

Image: OCRA home page - desktop Having just 'completed' a web project (no, they are never really finished, they just roll on), it seemed like a good time to share some of the presentation material around the project, the redevelopment of websites for a small sports charity...

The online presence for OCRA currently consists of three networked websites built in the WordPress content management system.
A brief timeline
  • 2006 to 2015: support and maintenance of the sites by volunteers with limited skills in web development and site management
  • 2016: portfolio taken on by the current web administrator.
  • 2017: commenced a ground-up rebuild of OCRA's web-presence.
  • 2018, live with new site, e-commerce enabled.

  • limited resources - small charity
  • limited funding - IT as non-core charity expense
  • limited technical skills in the organisation
  • Simple site navigation
  • Clear, attractive page layout
  • Clear sign-posting for content - news, events, booking, activities
  • Mobile-responsive
  • E-commerce-enabled with online cart and payment 
  • Technical integration with LTA ClubSpark

  • No bespoke coding of site CMS, templates or themes (low- or zero-maintenance cost)
  • Industry standard technical architecture
  • Migration to a new web host for performance and reliability
As a footnote, in 2017 we conducted a Feasibility study of moving to EventBrite, PlayWayz and other booking systems. No functional fit was available for the  budget.
So how did we go about it? More in Part II... RC