The ship that sails without you

Ship leaving the harbour
Okay; scratch that; we're not going to work for the NHS, not this time.

It's the perils of the interview panel; the guy you met and got on with for the temporary assignment is outranked by the senior guy who decides what they actually need is someone with a completely different skill set and experience base.

Oh yeah, and they already work for the NHS.

Forget the embarrassed, post-interview debrief BS; for whatever reason, your face didn't fit.

It could well be they wanted someone "with more passion and commitment to the NHS." Hey, I didn't realise we were going on a date; long walks on the beach and breakfast in bed and all that. There's probably a few more reasons and most of them had to do with personalities.

Ironically, I said in the interview, the technology is mostly irrelevant, it's the people issues that will sink you every time.

What's irritating is the amount of prep time that went into pitching for a job that didn't come through. I won't waste it, though, expect some posts on web projects imminently.

That ship has sailed. Find me a new ship. RC