Web project Part V - Technical architecture

Image: OCRA web site technical architecture Having talked about the start-up, development and delivery of our small charity web project, it's probably worth mentioning what we mean by 'standard architecture and plug-ins.' So here's the run-down of what we used.

Server-side, we're looking at a standard LAMP stack of:
  • CentOS Linux server
  • Apache, MySQL, PHP
  • plus SSL for e-commerce
The web-platform then sits on that: WordPress, unmodified, standard version,
kept up to date through auto-update via AutoMattic.

Plugin architecture 
Then we add a needs-must selection of plugins, principal of which are
- Woo-Commerce (free)
- Stripe payments gateway (free)

which enables our e-commerce cart.

Next we add in our functional plugins:
  • Jetpack (free)
  • Events Calendar Pro (licensed)
  • Event Tickets Plus (licensed)
  • Updraft Plus for backups (free)
  • Metaslider (free)
  • SMTP Mailer (free)
  • WP Supercache (free)
You'll see from that list we carefully chose a combination of free and paid plugins in order to get the best functional fit and the biggest-bang-per-buck. We could have gone with a whole other selection and at some point we'll run through the criteria for this set. For now, let's say it came down to cost and compatibility - both with other plugins and with a Wordpress network install. RC