And we're back!

Image: Ubuntu 19.04 desktop As previously observed, employment has its downsides. It tends to take over your life to the exclusion of all those other things you'd rather do instead, like writing a blog, making movies and hitting people with swords (hey, everyone needs a hobby).

So it is that, temperamentally unsuited to being employed as I am, I find myself with a bit of time on my hands again.

First order of business has been an upgrade of Ubuntu MATE on the main laptop from 18.04 to Ubuntu Gnome 19.04 (do not pass Go, do not pass through 18.10, do not collect any dollars).

That upgrade has been a mixed bag, as MATE 18.04 was never great and going to MATE 19.04 failed dismally - more on that shortly.

However, we're now main-lining Ubuntu Gnome, complete with Gnomeshell 3.32.1. Yeah, baby! (too 2002?)

The fall out from that upgrade has also been a mixed bag, since we wrestled Oracle VirtualBox into some kind of compliance and discovered the limitations of SNAPS in Ubuntu Software centre.

Yep. We're back. RC