Is your web page mobile-friendly?

Google mobile friendly test
Ever though Google went mobile-first for search indexing in 2015, there's a long tail of websites still on their original desktop layouts. Fortunately Google's own mobile-friendly test tool is still accessible.

Depending on whose stats you look at, the current proportion of web to desktop to tablet use is around 54% - 43% - 3%, although this split can vary hugely by user and by platform - apparently Facebook is accessed 95% from, even higher for Instagram and Tik-Tok.

The more time you spend on mobile with those, the less likely you are to look at anything else on a different display. 5G may push the stats even further in favour of mobile, as will the increasing number of users in developing economies. Google is aware of the world wide shift to mobile so it has a vested interest in ensuring the best content discovery and performance.

As it says in 'About this tool', you can use it to test how easily a visitor can use your page on a mobile device. It has a characteristically sparse entry page with just a search bar for the  page URL to be tested.

Within the tool the Search Console (results page) alerts you to critical site errors such as failures to load, or display, even to detection of hacked content.

This week I put most of the sites in our portfolio through the tool to see what is would find, starting with this very site.

Google mobile test results headline
The headline result came back page is mobile friendly. Woo-hoo!

There was one yellow warning triangle, which made me chuckle when I read through the details.

Page loading issues - view details

Tested on: 13 May 2020 at 20:46
Page partially loaded
Not all page resources could be loaded. This can affect how Google sees and understands your page. Fix availability problems for any resources that can affect how Google understands your page.

User agent Googlebot smartphone

1 page resource couldn’t be loaded:
Resource / Type / Status  
Script    Googlebot blocked by robots.txt

Google mobile-test results details
The one fail was a piece of javascript for Google ads.

Nothing to be done about that.

If you haven't checked your site's mobile-friendliness, give it a go. RC