7-Step SEO Basics for Beginners: Hosting

Glenn Waters ぐれんin Japan
Why do casual visitors leave your website before the page has even finished loading? Because it takes too long to load. The search engines capture page load times and favour the fast sites because that's what people want. Get a decent web server host.

That's pretty much the advice for this step. You want more? OK...

When your site doesn't load fast enough, people hit the back button and try the next search result.

One of our clients had the worst server in the world. 30-second load times if you were lucky, Internal Server Error 500 and a blank page if you weren't. The site was basic: basic WordPress, no customisation, basic free theme, no shop, no forums, no media.

We got a new server. Fail. We upgraded. Fail. We waved bye-bye and moved host. Cue trumpets and confetti.

Your hosting needs to be fast. It needs to be reliable.

The search engines need to know that content will be served quickly and consistently; there's no point them sending you traffic for anything less. You will be down-ranked if this doesn't happen. You don't have to mess with the content doing all that other SEO-stuff, not for this. Get a decent host. RC

Image credit:  Glenn Waters ぐれんin Japan. on Foter.com / CC BY