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Skype: the Bastard Child of Malware and the Terminator

I swear if I have to uninstall Skype from a Windows 10 machine again I'm going to sue somebody. There used to be an option in the Skype settings to disable 'run automatically on start-up.' It's gone. Like a persistent piece of malware or The Terminator, the bloody thing refuses to go away.

7-Step SEO Basics for Beginners: Optimise Your Posts and Pages

The site is up. It has pages and posts with good relevant content. You still need to optimise it to show up in the search results for your target keywords. Here, you tread the fine line between clunking search-bait and beautifully optimised content that will rank highly.

7-Step SEO Basics for Beginners: Readable Content

The phrase ‘content is king’ has been done to death, but the point is important: good content matters now more than ever since Google implemented BERT, a set of natural language processing algorithms matching content to searches in the way that people, not machines, comprehend.

When the Tin Cans Break

Trees are not always your friends. Neighbours trees, less so. Especially when they break the string that joins the two tin cans. In other words, our broadband broke. Cue two weeks of frustration trying to get the phone company to raise the fault with the other phone company that owns the hardware.