Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Rant: SEO Readability Indexing

Having tried various SEO plugins over the years, they all irritate me in one common way.

All of them employ some BS, Mickey Mouse readability analysis that implies that I don't know how to write.

I have two frickin' degrees, one in English the other in computer science. I've been on the web since 1997, I target sites toward particular audiences, i.e. somewhat above elementary grade. I write very differently for different sites, for different media and with different author personas. I think I know how to write!

I don't need some PlaySchool reading algorithm to tell me my sentences are too long or 'too difficult'.

I construct sentences, I have sub-clauses, I build arguments by expansion.

I do not write choppy little Janet-and-John primers for five year olds.

I do not write everything in the active voice "BUY THIS NOW!!!" because not everything is about selling S***.

Also, I am not American. Grow up, red necks, I'm sure you can stretch to a sub-ordinate clause once in a while. RC

Image credit: Susan Holt Simpson @shs521

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