Brexit Deal Immortalises Netscape

Brexit Deal Immortalises Netscape Communicator 4.01
Page 921 of the last, last, last minute Brexit deal immortalises Netscape. A section on encryption technology includes a description of Netscape Communicator and Mozilla Mail as "modern" services. 

It's reassuring to know that the top bureaucrats stewarding our digital economy are as up to date as 1997.

That's when the last major release of Netscape Communicator occurred. That section also recommends 1024-bit RSA encryption and the SHA-1 hashing algorithm. Both of those are outdated and vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Those familiar with EU legislation suggest the words were copied and pasted from a 2008 EU law, which includes the same text.

Which is more concerning; 

  • that the officials responsible have no idea about IT of any kind or 
  • that they do, but just don't care or 
  • that like everyone else, they don't read this stuff either?

Wait until the end of the week, when folks outside of the EU Commission and UK Government have actually read it to the end. Around page 1325, look out for harmonised standards for the bearing of red flags in front of horseless carriages.

Image credit: Netscape Communicator 4.01, the Web Design Museum