How-to Fix LibreOffice Spell Check with Hunspell

Today is all about how-to fix LibreOffice Spell Check with Hunspell -  a spell check file that doesn't always get installed with the LibreOffice core. This is a generic dictionary file which LibreOffice uses as a default spellcheck tool. 

Why this isn't automatically installed every time I haven't yet found the answer for. I do know a quick manual installation fixes the problem.

Having used LibreOffice for years with no issues in spell check, it suddenly failed in the latest clean install. I realised there were no red squiggly lines in my documents to indicate spelling errors. Running spellcheck in any document didn't find any errors. 

On investigation, the spelling Text Language was set to [None], while the document language was set to English (UK). Opening the drop-list showed the only other option as English (USA). I tried to select it but couldn't, it reverted to [None] every time.

A quick search hinted that hunspell-en-gb - my UK English version - is needed.

The magic command is:

 sudo apt-get install hunspell-en-gb

or you can locate it in your package manager and install from there.

All the locale-specific hunspell files appear to be in the default Ubuntu repositories.

Exit and restart LibreOffice; spell check should then work correctly. 

Set the text language to 'English (UK)' under Tools, Spelling and Grammar. Hunspell then runs in the background and marks mis-spellings with the squiggly red lines in the document.

That's the end of today's public service announcement. RC