Firefox Resets Automatic Updates

Firefox resets automatic updates
Firstly, a recap of an old rant. Then the even more annoying discovery that Firefox resets automatic updates.


Can't find the option to disable auto updates in Firefox? That's because the Open Source browser evangelists at Mozilla removed it. Apparently our "security" is more important than the simple freedom of choice as to when and how you get to update your own web browser. If I wanted that kind of behaviour I'd use Safari or Windows.

Since version 63, the Firefox default behaviour is to automatically update in the background. Which might be acceptable with some warning and a choice of action.

Except the bozos at Mozilla decided to hide the update process and annoy users every single time.

Try refreshing or opening a new tab and it says, "I can't do anything without a restart." Click the restart button, the browser closes.  It never restarts.

Restart it manually and it's forgotten any open tabs and anything you were working on.

In what way does Mozilla think this is acceptable? Even Edge and Safari behave better than this.
Go into the Firefox menu and the Firefox Updates section is stripped of any options for updates, notifications or restarts. Thanks, bozos.


  • type "about:config" in the address bar.
  • type "" in the top search bar
  • use the update button (left-right arrow icon) on the right to update the value from true to false.

This will disable auto-update. It means your browser will check for updates, but it is up to you to install them or not. It does not disable update notifications.


Here's the next irritating part; perform a release update of the operating system - in my case Ubuntu - and the new install of Firefox resets automatic updates. Didn't find this out until the bloody thing stamped its little foot and refused to do anything without a restart.

Dear Mozilla Bozo's,

if you give me a button that says restart, I expect the dam' thing to restart, not just close. If I have to restart the dam' thing myself, I expect it to remember the tabs I had open.

About the only reason I am still using Firefox is for a handful of extensions that aren't even yours. I am using Brave the rest of the time.

This is why Brave, Chromium and even Edge are wiping the floor with your slow, ugly butt-end of a browser.