Irritations of the Internet

Welcome to grumpy Thursday [insert day of week here]. I've barely touched the web today. But the irritations of the Internet have already elevated my blood pressure.

Accept cookies / Manage Cookies / Choose Cookies

It's all going cookie crazy with more and more options. It makes you nostalgic for the days when we didn't care - we just cleared everything after 72 hours. What do you mean, you didn't?

Open a web chat
In fact, the web chat is already opened. With the cursor in it. Before I've even worked out what page I'm on.

Before you go...
I haven't gone. I'm trying to navigate the site. Or do people usually leave whenever they just move the mouse?

Sign up to our newsletter
I'm already signed up and I don't need this full-screen, modal pop-up after thirty seconds when I'm not even half way reading down the page.

Is this a sign of maturity? Not me, the web sites: privacy theatre, customer service zealotry, bounce-rate paranoia and contact desperation?

One at a time, you'd applaud good visitor management. But now, you get these fifty times a day. Sometimes all of them on the one website. Sometimes all of them on several sites back to back. That's a lot of interruptions to productivity.

Suddenly all those good practices start to look bad and zero-click results start to look really convenient.