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PayPal Fail with 2-factor PSD2

"You have balance funds left in your PayPal account, please login to view your account." What should be good news form PayPal turns out to be a an irritation worse than Poison Ivy. Since they implemented additional security, there's a massive PayPal fail with 2-factor PSD2 authentication.

How to: Install Youtube-dl on Ubuntu [UPDATED]

Until it fell out of the Ubuntu software repositories and refused to work or update, I used the  Youtube-dl command-line tool all the time. Well, now it's back, here's how to install Youtube-dl on Ubuntu.

Start using Web.Dev Measure

There's another tool available from Google that allows web admins and developers to test websites across a number of criteria. It's been around for a while, it's simple to use and it addresses all the aspect that Google is looking at for website compliance and performance. So start using Measure .