PayPal Fail with 2-factor PSD2

"You have balance funds left in your PayPal account, please login to view your account." What should be good news form PayPal turns out to be a an irritation worse than Poison Ivy.

Since they implemented additional security, there's a massive PayPal fail with 2-factor PSD2 authentication.

PayPal's 2-factor authentication is linked to a whatever telephone number it has on file. In my case, the old telephone number no longer exists. I can't login to the account to change it, as the 2-factor authentication sends a code to the old telephone number that no longer exists. 

I can't reset the account password to login without 2-factor as the password recovery system bombs with message "We're sorry, something seems to have gone wrong. We're sorry, we're having some trouble completing your request at the moment. Please try again shortly."

What does PayPal have to say?

If you check the knowledge base:

"What can I do if I've changed my mobile number and can't log in?

If you've enabled 2-step verification for login, make sure to update the mobile number listed in your PayPal account when you switch to a new number. Otherwise, the access code will still be sent to your old number and you won't be able to log in to your account.

If you're having trouble logging in, you may need to recover access to your PayPal account.

Once you regain the access, please update your mobile number in the account right away. You can also choose to deactivate 2-step verification at any time. Here's how:

    Go to your Settings.
    Click Security.
    Click Update next to "2-step verification."
    Click Turn Off next to "2-step verification."

That's everything that doesn't work.

Contact PayPal through FacePunch, you might get someone to say they've referred it to a technical specialist. Somewhere on Alpha Centauri, judging by the lack of a response.

The default answer is "phone customer support." A friend of mine tried that and approximately twenty tries and two hours later, got the account fixed. It's honestly not worth the amount of cash in the account.

Fail. RC