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Looking at my Google Maps Edits

Google measures and analyses everything . How do I know? They sent me a note to tell me who's looking at my Google Maps edits.

A Patchwork of Windows Versions

XP was arguably Windows's breakthrough moment in a patchwork of Windows versions. Will Windows 11 prove similar? You know what I'm about to say.

Captchas Don't Prove You're Human

A lot of download and membership sites I use present a Captcha - one of those picture or text challenges that supposedly only a human brain can interpret and respond to. Increasingly, Captchas don't prove you're human.

The VirtualBox Networking Primer

My first technical book is available now in paperback and Kindle Ebook format on Amazon, and as ebook on Kobo. The VirtualBox Networking Primer is a no-nonsense guide for the VirtualBox user taking their next steps into virtual networks.