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My Lucid killed my GnomeShell

Version conflict?   Dependencies broken?   Or just too much like hard work? Whatever the reason, when I ran a dist-upgrade on the Pentium-4 test box recently, Lucid Lynx 10.04 spontaneously decided of its own accord to remove GnomeShell ! Granted it's not my favourite interface , deeply flawed in the current version, but for Lucid to take it out on it's own initiative?! Question: just how does dist-upgrade decide what to keep and what to throw away? If I hadn't examined the list of packages affected, I wouldn't have known a thing until I tried to run GnomeShell next. Would the dist-upgrade have removed GnomeShell while it was running? This doesn't smell right.  RC

Full Circle Podcast #10: Trawling the Internet for a Goat Festival

Full Circle Podcast #10: Trawling the Internet for a Goat Festival In this episode, the editors fight back. This episode we are minus one Dave Wilkins who is away, but plus two guests. Esteemed editor of Full Circle Magazine Mr Ronnie Tucker is our co-host… While Editor-in-Chief of Ubuntu Weekly News Letter is our guest, Ms. Amber Graner. News : The usual collection of Maverick news, plus Gmailwatcher, Googlubuntu and Ubuntu on Android, Opinion : Contributing articles to Full Circle Magazine with Ronnie Tucker Interview : Amber Graner on Ubuntu Women, UWN and Open Source Goats… Feeds for both MP3 and OGG: RSS feed, MP3: RSS feed, OGG:

Ubuntu In Business Event

Ubuntu In Business, Tuesday, July 13, 2010 The Brickhouse, Brick Lane, London The Ubuntu UK community and Canonical held an event yesterday to promote the uptake of... Ubuntu in business! Featuring all kinds of Ubuntu advocacy from indpendent software vendors, the UK Community and Canonical itself, we saw some eye-opening presentations, great chat, re-unions, the best and most refreshing panel discussion in years and some dodgy cocktails...

Flood of Media Players

Nothing less than a flood of media players have come to my attention in the last two weeks. In varying states of maturity, each has a new release getting attention. MiniTunes XNoise Gejengel Qmmp What's the collective noun for a mixed bag of players? A cacophony of media players ...?

Man in an Ubuntu T-Shirt

Last month in my local coffee shop (Caffe Nerd), I picked up my de-caff cappuccino (no comments about my metro-sexuality, please; they don't know what that is in my corner of Hampshire) and headed for a window seat.  The man walking up to the counter sported an Ubuntu t-shirt and hat. It was a complete shock. Aside from my pod-casting compatriot , Mr Dave Wilkins, I didn't believe anyone in this corner of Hampshire had even heard of Ubuntu, much less bought the t-shirt...

Ubuntu Developer Week: 12th-16th July 2010

Happy to help to spread the news, Ubuntu developer Week is back this month. In the organiser's own words: "Ubuntu Developer Week is back again, which means five days of action-packed IRC sessions where you learn more about hacking on Ubuntu, developing Ubuntu and how to interact with other projects. We’ll have a fantastic time from July 12th 2010 to July 16th 2010, great speakers, interesting sessions, lots of good questions and great people who get to know each other. If you’re new to Ubuntu Developer Week and what it is, check out the general page , how to join in and how it all works.

Ubuntu User Days Saturday July 10th, Sunday July 11th 2010

If you're new to Ubuntu, or want to help friends and family that you've converted to Ubuntu, there's an ideal learning opportunity this month: Ubuntu User Days ! Next User Days Saturday July 10th 2010, 09:45 UTC - Sunday July 11th 2010, 03:00 UTC About Ubuntu User Days "User Days was created to be a set of courses offered during a one day period to teach the beginning or intermediate Ubuntu user the basics to get them started with Ubuntu. User Days is a series of online courses where you can: learn how to install Ubuntu find equivalent programs in Ubuntu learn how to get help learn the basics of how to use Ubuntu learn how to get involved in the community" For the full programme of events go visit the User Days main page on the forums.

Full Circle Podcast #9: Playing a Unicycle and the Trombone out now

Full Circle Podcast #9: Playing a Unicycle and the Trombone available now from the Full Circle Magazine Site. MP3 audio Podcast [80:18m] | Download OGG audio podcast [80:18m] | Download   In this episode, a little later than scheduled; Unity, Gnome-Shell and UNE go head to head. News : Ubuntu in Business Event, More Maverick Development, Aptitude is out, Games : Ed’s goes on a Steam-spree;  Dave ‘s second childhood with the Gameboy Emulator VGA. Opinion: Gnome-Shell vs. Unity vs. UNE launcher Interview : Part II of the Lubuntu Project Q and A: Part III of Mark Shuttleworth’s sessions from UDS Feeds for both MP3 and OGG: RSS feed, MP3: RSS feed, OGG:

Review: Shotwell Photo Management

"Shotwell is a digital photo organizer designed for the GNOME desktop environment. It allows you to import photos from disk or camera, organize them in various ways, view them in full-window or fullscreen mode, and export them to share with others." Shotwell is going to be the default  photo-management program in Ubuntu 10.10. It is also completely Mono-free. The project home is at ...