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Full Circle Podcast #14: NFC: Nantucket Fried Chicken

Full Circle Podcast #14: NFC: Nantucket Fried Chicken is available form the main site In this episode, Narwhals, Wayland and… I almost forgot, Amnesia  Standard MP3 Audio Podcast [78:59m]: Download  Standard OGG Audio Podcast [78:59m]: Download Feeds for both MP3 and OGG: RSS feed, MP3: RSS feed, OGG: Show notes after the jump.

Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 1 On Trial

Unity is now the default user interface in the 11.04 Ubuntu Desktop Edition. Or at least it is if you have the right combination of video drivers and Compiz. Unity now uses Compiz 3-D compositing, not the abysmal Mutter framework of Ubuntu Netbook Editions up to 10.10. Which will be great when all the video driver issues are worked out. Right now, this Alpha release is so crippled by display problems, I won't be doing much testing...

Editing the Full Circle Podcast Part 5 - Post and Packing

The final part of this series: Packaging and Exporting the show. We've planned, recorded and mixed the show. At some point I have to decide that the episode is finished.  I'll apply the final filter of dynamic range compression to the edited voice tracks, check the mix-down, then it's time to export the episode for release...

Opinion - the 'Mac-buntu' fightback

Ronnie got some correspondence regarding my article in Full Circle magazine: MacBuntu: Why? (aka Desktop Identity Crisis here ) in which I criticised the Mac and Windows 7 fanboys for dressing up their Linux desktops as OS-X or Windows 7.  Why, when we have perfectly functional and attractive Linux desktops on Gnome, KDE, Xfce and others, would you want to pretend to be using Mac or Windows desktops, even down to the Apple and Microsoft logos?

Full Circle Side-pod Episode #6: Just Filling In

In this episode, Ubuntu 11.04, Alpha-1, on trial; Opinion fightback on MacBuntu - Why? And final art of Editing the Podcast series: Post and Packing, Finalising, posting and releasing the show. This episode comes with some visual content via YouTube...

Full Circle Side-Pod Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Installer

The experiment continues! More Ubuntu screencast content, this time the Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha-1 release. As separate review of the desktop and the rest of 11.04 Alpha-1 follows shortly. Video for Full Circle Side-Pod Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Installer is on our YouTube channel .  RC