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Full Circle Magazine Issue 69 Out Now

Full Circle Magazine Issue 69 Out Now! This month: Ubuntu News. How-To : Programming in Python, LibreOffice, and Ubuntu Gnome 2 Style. Graphics : Blender, and Inkscape. Review: Sony Google TV. plus: Q&A, Command & Conquer, Linux Labs, Ask The New Guy, My Story, and so much more! Come and get it: Google Currents Edition: Also available via Issuu :

News: Ubuntu Phone - Issues And Opportunities

Recording of Simon Phipps Minkcast , streamed live on 3 Jan 2013, a discussion with Richard Collins, Ubuntu Mobile product manager at Canonical Ltd. "We discuss the Ubuntu Phone announcement, the choice of QT ("cute"), the link with Ubuntu Desktop, the community strategy and open source credentials and the issues that may arise from software patents." Simon Phipps on Google+ Simon Phipps website Wild Webmink

News: Mark Shuttleworth Demos Ubuntu Phone 2013

In a video released over the New Year, Mark Shuttleworth demos the new Ubuntu Phone operating system. In a glossy, well produced (if slightly long 8mins 37secs), Canonical founder and CTO Mark Shuttleworth talks us through Ubuntu Phone, a product he hopes will challenge Ios, Android and now Tizen in the mobile market. We wait to see how this new entrant goes down at the CES Show in Las Vegas. Some of the key features:

How-to: Wipe Data Securely

When you delete a file in Windows, Ubuntu, or any other operating system, what it actually does is delete the pointer(s) within the disk index indicating where on the hard disk the file is stored. The file, and therefore the data contained therein is still sitting there. Which is how certain file recovery tools are able to un-delete things. At least, until they are overwritten with something else. If you overwrite the data, then it is generally unrecoverable. Modern hard drives have higher densities and less redundancy, which makes recovery more difficult. Which is probably enough for most people discarding old hard drives.

Happy New Year 2013

A happy New Year to all readers, followers and casual visitors. Your time and attention are appreciated. Thanks for the comments, compliments and feedback, particularly those who have got their technology working better using some of the posts here. You know you're only encouraging me... I know I haven't posted as much in the latter part of 2012, but thanks for staying the year and here's to the next one. May you have a happy and successful 2013. RC