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Opinion: Losing the Phoney War

In an attempt to assuage the moral outrage of Daily Mail (it's all their idea, you know) and Daily Telegraph readers, David Cameron "wants to declare himself the first prime minister to win the war on on-line porn" What war? The one against the legal, tax-paying industry that successive governments have relaxed restrictions year by year? Oh, the war against child pornography? No that's the one that police forces across the country are fighting, despite the budget cuts. The war against children seeing pornography? Now we're talking. Only we're not. The government issued a fraudulent and hypocriticial set of demands to Internet Service Providers demanding "a commitment to fund an 'awareness campaign' (currently undefined and open-ended) for parents" and to change the language they are using to describe the net safety filters they will be offering to Internet users. Instead of talking of "active choice +", they are urged to us

How-to: More VirtualBox Cloning

There's one important thing I didn't stress enough in the previous cloning article, and that's the handling of networking and MAC addresses. In the graphical tool in VirtualBox for cloning machines you need to be alert to the MAC addresses of your virtual machines and re-initialise the MAC address of any clone that's going to run alongside the original. Not an issue if the two are never running side by side, critical if they are, as your network can't handle duplicate MAC addresses, so neither will register. It's a one-click operation that's easy enough to do when you create the clone or at any time after. RC

News: Full Circle Magazine Issue 74 Hits the Streets

Full Circle - the independent magazine for the Ubuntu Linux community - is proud to announce the release of our seventy fourth issue. This month: Ubuntu News Command & Conquer How-To : Gpodder, LibreOffice, and Connecting With IPV6. Graphics : Blender, and Inkscape. Review: Clementine plus: Q&A (NEW & Improved!), Linux Labs, Ask The New Guy, My Story,and so much more!