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News: Linux Voice magazine coming soon

The boys are back! After leaving Dennis publishing, the majority of the former editorial team at Linux Format magazine - Andrew Gregory, Mike Saunders and Ben Everard are launching a new Linux magazine - Linux  Voice. After a successful Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign, this new magazine will be aimed at better serving the Free Software community, notably in three key areas:

Think Before You Post

From Alex Kinsella ‏via Twitter @alexkinsella Saw this sign in my daughter's school this morning. Good advice for any age.

How-to: Install LaMp Stack on Debian 7

If you remember a while back, I installed the LaMp stack on Linux in preparation for installing Wordpress... which I did but didn't post the How-to. Err, sorry about that. I'll get around to it, promise. Well, that LaMp How-to was a tad simple-minded and things have moved on a little. Here's an update with a bit more detail to it. You'll note I'm doing this the old fashioned way, step by step, command line by command line. We'll look at an easier way soon.