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How-to: Insert iframes in Joomla

Having to resurrect an inherited Joomla site, some of Joomla's quirks are once again getting in the way. For instance, it may be ugly, but embed codes are still necessary to add media content, such as a Vimeo player, to pages. However, if you try to add an iframe to an article, you can't simply use the HTML editor and paste in your iframe code because Joomla will, by default, strip it out as a security breach.

News: Dyre Banking Trojan gathers pace [Guest Post]

The malware, also called Dyreza, designed to bypass SSL and steal login credentials, is prompting sofware vendors to email clients a "not us, guv" denial. The Dyre banking trojan which was reported at the start of the Summer ( source article: Security Researchers Warn of New Dyre Banking Trojan (eSecurityplanet) by Jeff Goldman, June 20, 2014 ) appears to be gathering pace such companies such as Salesforce this week felt compelled to mass-mail customers to tell them there is no specific vulnerability in their software. Rather the Dyre or Dyreza trojan is designed to bypass SSL protection and steal banking credentials. Delivered via phishing emails with the subject lines "Your FED TAX payment was Rejected" and "RE: Invoice" the attack emails links to zip files on LogMeIn's file storage service.

Full Circle Magazine 88 is out now

The independent magazine for the Ubuntu Linux community This month: Command & Conquer How-To : Minimal Ubuntu Install, LibreOffice, and GRUB2. Graphics : Blender and Inkscape. Linux Labs: Ripping DVDs with Handdrake, and Compiling a Kernel Arduino plus: Q&A, Security, Ubuntu Games, and  soooo  much more. ALSO : Don’t forget to  search for ‘full circle magazine’ on Google Play/Books . Download issue 88: