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How-to: Order Featured Articles in Joomla 2.5

We have a slide carousel displaying three Featured Articles on the homepage; the site is built in Joomla 2.5. Assigning an article as a Featured Article is easy enough, but by default, Joomla seems to want to display them in alphabetical order by slide title. Changing the article order is also simple enough, except Joomla seems to ignore it... there's another step required.

How-to: ‘Tis the season for on-line safety

Our esteemed colleagues over at TalkTalk issued a cunningly un-disguised sales pitch for one of their products recently; it’s on a protected link, so feel free to ignore that! What was more useful was the advice in the sidebar for staying safe on-line over the coming holiday season. Six things you can do: Avoid buying things from unfamiliar websites Be wary of clicking on competitions on Facebook and Twitter Make sure you recognise who’s sent your e-cards before you open them Don’t give out your personal information unless you trust the site Don’t let the kids download games, films or music from illegal sites Remember that if an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is RC

How-to: Understand DNS Commands

Fellow dinosaurs and web gurus can skip over this one; for anyone else on the sharp end of web-mastering, a quick refresher on DNS commands may be in order. DNS commands are a way to interrogate the vital backbone of the Internet, the Domain Name System. DNS commands can be entered from a command-line interface, the dreaded command prompt, or if you're old-school; terminal. While there are websites and utilities that can front-end these for you, it helps if you know which thing you need to run to answer a particular question when: troubleshooting DNS issues troubleshooting web server issues

News: Full Circle Magazine no91 has arrived

Full circle , the independent magazine for the Ubuntu Linux community, is proud to announce the arrival of Issue 91 . This month: Command & Conquer How-To : Python, LibreOffice, and Managing Multiple Passwords With A Script Graphics : Inkscape. Linux Labs: Compiling a Kernel Pt 4 and Kodi Pt 2 Review: Elementary OS Book Review: Web Development with MongoDB and Node.js Ubuntu Games: Borderlands 2

How to: Understand DNS Black-listing

One of our associate workers (Claire) go in touch this morning saying email from her regular address for consulting work was getting bounced back for being on a black-list: SMTP error from remote server after RCPT command: host: 5.7.1 Your message was rejected because the IP address of the server sending your message is in the block list of the SORBS service." SORBS is an acronym for "Spam and Open Relay Blocking System", one of many anti-spam services in the real-time block-list (RBL) business to which you can subscribe. SORBS also lists Open Proxy servers and machines that appear to be hacked sources of spam.