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Living with a Linx 1010

I received a hand-me-down Windows 10 tablet a couple of years ago. As a form-factor and software combo, it didn't initially thrill me with joy. So, more than two years later, what's it like living with a Linx 1010? The TL;DR conclusion is down below.

Scroll to Text Contradicts Google's Aims

As a 'new' feature in Chrome and Edge browsers , Scroll to Text contradicts Google's aims. Tested using AMP for some time now, Scroll to Text is a new way of deep-linking to search results.

The Self-Publishing Revolution Evolves

While the initial 'Kindle gold rush' may be history, the self-publishing revolution evolves. Self-publishing was never a guaranteed path to traditional publishing and many of those who 'made it' have disappeared or moved on. Some have gone back to self publishing. The trad publishing business model continues to chew up and spit out authors in an increasingly dog-eat-dog arena dominated by five big players.

Rant: SEO Readability Indexing

Having tried various SEO plugins over the years, they all irritate me in one common way. All of them employ some BS, Mickey Mouse readability analysis that implies that I don't know how to write.