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'10 Reasons' Why Web Page Sliders Suck

Almost eight years on, I've finally decided to stop being one of the herd. Thinking they were always a stupid idea, I've finally wrapped up in classic '10 reasons' style why web page sliders suck.

Essential Short Guides Available Online Now

You can find our at Essential Short Guides available online now Amazon , Kobo and Apple Books as well as the Proactivity Press online shop .  The first three titles in the series are released this week:

Some Day My PRINCE Will Get Sign-Off

I'm working on a book on project management. I'm certifiable certified! One of the case studies concerns a client that lost itself in the mire of the very project management method  that was supposed to guarantee delivery. Hence, someday my PRINCE will get sign-off.

Say Hello to Ubuntu 20.10 ‘Groovy Gorilla’

The upgrade to Ubuntu 20.10 couldn’t come soon enough. Say hello to the ‘Groovy Gorilla’. Terrible release name. Having broken my less-than-stable install of Ubuntu 20.04 over the Summer, the October release of 20.10 was very welcome. And surprisingly stable.

How to add a new mime type to WordPress

Setting up the webstore in WooCommerce, I tried to upload the epub files to the product pages and it presented me with an old familiar error for which there is no simple Wordpress setting: